Hire UI/UX Designer

Hire UI/UX Designer

At Ninetyseven Infotech, our team of talented UI/UX designers is committed to enhancing user experience by creating the finest interface and user-friendly design. Don’t let users leave your website in seconds, Keep visitors on your website longer with creative designs created by our UI/UX professionals.

Hire UI/UX Designer from our team means choosing a customized, best-in-class user experience that is made to fit your unique requirements. Our top-notch designers have the ability to transform your requirements into masterpieces that align with all your business standards. Our expertise spans a variety of UI/UX designer profiles, including UI Designer, UX Designer, Interaction Designer, Information Architect, Visual Designer, Product Designer, Web & Mobile Designer, Experience Designer, and more, ensuring that we can meet the exact demands of your project.


Dedicated UI/UX Designers

UI/UX, being a comprehensive category covering all project design needs, Ninetyseven Infotech hires the top 1% of committed UI/UX qualified individuals, each with a unique area of specialty, to provide our clients with outstanding UI/UX design services.

  • Expertise in design software, including Adobe Sketch, Figma, Photoshop, and Canva.
  • Expertise in design principles, including color theory and typography.
  • Experienced in creating prototypes and wireframes for a range of businesses.
  • Strict adherence to industry standards for design alignments, such as Google’s Material and Apple’s Human Interface.

Looking to Hire UI/UX Designer?

Our Professional Designer and Developer help you for all of your segment.

Flexible UI/UX Solutions as per Business Scale

At Ninetyseven Infotech, We provide a service for businesses of all scales.

WordPress For Small Business

UI/UX For Small Business

Impactful UI/UX design is essential. It forms positive first impressions, boosts user engagement, and builds brand credibility. A well-thought-out online presence guarantees long-term growth.

WordPress For Ecommerce

UI/UX For Ecommerce

A well-designed website is essential for seamless online shopping experiences, easy browsing, and eye-catching product displays. It guarantees overall success, increases loyalty, and it helps in the development of trust.

WordPress For Enterprises

UI/UX For Enterprises

Effective UI/UX design is essential in business environments. It guarantees a seamless digital experience, and enhances user productivity. This increases customer satisfaction and boosts overall company productivity.

Why Get UI/UX from Ninetyseven Infotech

Seeking a UI/UX designer for your business? Our industry-leading designers offer customizable solutions to elevate your online presence. Key reasons to choose us

  • Flexibility to work as per your time-zone
  • Guaranteed on-time delivery
  • Prototyping and Wireframing
  • User Flows and Visual Design
  • Interaction Design
  • Information Architecture
  • User Research and Usability Testing

Projects Done

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Working Strength

UI/UX Service we offer

Our Designer can carry out and provide the specialized UI/UX solutions you might be looking for. All our professionals designer for hire are widely skilled and trained to match any requirements you may raise.

UI-UX Design

UX Designers

Our professionals ensure using your digital products is simple and enjoyable. They focus on making things user-friendly, studying how people interact to create seamless experiences.


UI Designers

In charge of making your digital elements visually appealing, our UI designers create buttons, menus, and visuals that are both attractive and easy to use.


Interaction Designers

Ensuring your taps and clicks result in cool and easy-to-understand responses, our interaction designers aim for seamless and interesting interactions in your digital space.


Dedicated Information Architects

Organizing your digital information like a well-arranged library, our dedicated architects make sure finding what you need is easy and hassle-free.

Web App UI-UX Designers

Web App UI/UX Designers

Focusing on websites and web applications, our professionals ensure a pleasant and user-friendly experience when you’re on a computer or browsing the internet.


Mobile App UI/UX Designers

Similar to web app designers but specializing in phone apps, they understand the unique challenges of smaller screens, making your mobile apps visually appealing and functional.


Motion Graphic Designer

Adding movement and cool transitions, our motion graphic designers make your digital elements more engaging and fun.


Expert Design Strategist

Guiding our design team, these professionals ensure everything aligns with your business goals. They are the big-picture thinkers, ensuring your design serves your business effectively.


UX Auditors

Evaluating and enhancing the user experience of your digital products through thorough audits. Our UX auditors pinpoint areas that require enhancement, ensuring that your design conforms to industry norms and user expectations.

Your Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of services do you provide for UI/UX design?
UI/UX design services offered by Ninetyseven Infotech are App Design, Web Design, Motion Graphic Design, and Logo & Brand Identity Design.
What design tools are used by Ninetyseven Infotech?

Ninety-seven Infotech designers are skilled in the following popular and useful tools and technologies for UI/UX design:

  • Figma
  • Adobe XD
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
How long does it usually take you to develop a project?
This question does not have a single correct answer. Since the duration of any project is completely dependent on the size, types, and features of the UI/UX design, there is no set time for any project.
How much will it cost?
The Cost of the UI/UX is completely dependent on your business requirements. Fill in the Contact form and provide us more information about your work and we can give you a price with best offer in market.
Can you help me with the redesign of my existing app or website?
Of course! Redesigning a whole website and mobile application takes some time, though. In summary, we can assist you with the following aspects of redesigning a website or mobile application: competitive market research, rebranding with trends, analysis of existing applications, gathering of media and content, design of new app UI/UX information architecture, re-development with responsiveness, digital marketing, and many more would be provided in accordance with your needs.
What happens if I am not satisfied with the designs you have created?
Well it’s a rare occurrence, if you’re not happy, we’ll ask for input on the parts of the design that you think need improvement and make the appropriate changes.

We Provide Services Across The Globe

Looking to Hire UI/UX Designer?

Our Professional Designer and Developer help you for all of your segment.