How to Backup a WordPress Site for Free?

How to Backup a WordPress Site for Free?

WordPress doesn’t take automatic backups by itself. To take a WordPress automatic backup, You have to use a third-party tool or plugins.

There are many WordPress backup tools and plugins available in the market. You can choose any tools and take the backup of your site. Today we are discussing about the 2 Way to take backup.

1. Duplicator – WordPress Migration & Backup
2. Manage WP

Duplicator – WordPress Migration & Backup

Duplicator – WordPress Migration & Backup is a one of the powerful and user-friendly wordpress backup plugin used by over 1+ miliions website owner. You can take a manual backup and also store them on a cloud service like Dropbox, Google Drive and FTP .etc.

Duplicator – WordPress Migration & Backup does not need technical knowledge you can take the backup very easily with this plugin. At Ninetyseven Infotech, we have used duplicator for various website migrations its very easy to use.

For More details you can check the Duplicator – WordPress Migration & Backup Plugin official page.

Take backup with Duplicator – WordPress Migration & Backup


ManageWP is an online tool that allows you to control and manage all your WordPress sites from a single dashboard with one click, ManageWP was launched on the January 2012. Its saves lots of your time. You can also use this tool for the multiple website. ManageWP Tool help you in the case of site hack, cyber attacks, Coding Errors and unsuccessful software Updates .etc.

You need to create an account in it and then you can add your website in it. After that you can enable the monthly automatic backup for your WordPress website. You can download the backup from ManageWP also you can directly restore from the ManageWP.

Take backup with ManageWP
I Hope this article is beneficial for you and now you know How to Backup a WordPress Site for Free? If you have any doubt or error at the time of backup you can also Hire WordPress Developer with us.

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