How to Protect Your Website from Hackers?

How to Protect your website from hackers?

With the rise of mainstream technology and gadgets in everyday life, The number of hackers and cybercriminals is also increasing. That means the security of your website is more important than ever. Hackers target that sites have weak security and outdated software.

Your website tells your customer who you are, what kind of content and services you offer and what they can expect from you. The website is the place to make a great first impression and build trust.

In this blog post, We will guide you on How to Protect your website from hackers with some simple steps and some extra security measures.

1. Make the login More Secure

To protect your site from hackers we always recommend you change the default admin login URL for WordPress login. Instead of ‘/wp-admin’ you can use something else this simple change can add an extra layer of security. We also recommend to use always a very strong password to log in to your WordPress admin.

We prevent hackers from getting access to your site by setting limited login attempts and Two-Factor Authentication with a plugin. You can use the plugin Wordfence for that.

2. Keep WordPress core, themes and Plugins always up to date

To protect your site from hackers always make sure that your website is running on the latest version of all WordPress core, theme and Plugins. Outdated software is one of the most common ways that hackers can get access to websites easily.

As You know WordPress is the popular CMS in the World and this makes it interesting for hackers. When you do the updates, always make a complete backup before updating all software.

3. Secure your site with a Firewall

A Firewall is a plugin that blocks extra hacking activities. Wordfence is the most popular WordPress Firewall and security scanner plugin.

Wordfence plugin checks the behaviour of the visitors or checks if they are real visitors or bots. You can scan all of your files with Wordfence and in the case of malware, you can easily repair or remove that files.

Secure your site with a Firewall

4. Take Backup Regularly

You are making lots of efforts to make a good website and hackers can easily destroy your website in a few momments. In the worst case if you have the backup you can easily restore your website.

Most hosting providers have the tools to make the automated backup. If you do not know how to take backup you can also check our blog How to Backup a WordPress Site for Free?

5. Secure Hosting and Web Server

A professional hosting service will provide a solid foundation to protect your website from hackers. Some of the themes have built-in measures like malware scans, firewalls and regular updates and backups to protect your website. We always suggest to purchase the secure hosting instead of the cheap hosting.

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